Pedi and Konad Gradient effect Tutorial

Hi Ladies I like to share my Fall pedicure entries for OC Nail Art Fall Pedicure contest...the rules is to use Only konad products... check out OC Nail art Fan page on FB (click here) they have a now have gift certificates available and for a limited time offer they are 30% off. How can you simply pass up that deal?? ;-) 

"2010 Fall Pedicure entries"
polish used:
OPI Bogota Blackberry
konad special polish dark orange, yellow, gold & black
image plate used: Konad M56
stripping brush
konad sponge kit
**UPDATE I won the 3rd place on OCnail art Pedi contest

polishes used:
konad Shinning Wine
konad special polish apple green, yellow, dark orange

image plates used:
konad M54
Konad M81

heres a simple tutorial for 2 colors stamping
 (u can click the photo to see the full size)

Gradient effect stamping
(u can click the photo to see the full size)
tips** its much better if u do not clean the scraper after every polish u scraped it would help to make the design to give more gradient effect
U can put 2 or more polish all u have to do is to  scrape FAST "twice" the polishes..
stamping nail art is so easy to do U just need a little speed when doing this stamping nail art... 
thanks for looking!! happy polishing everyone... XD

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