HI LADIES.. just a quick post heres the mani that I made from my revive slamming red polish that given to me by Angie (SCANDALOUSLY POLISHED) this polish is very fabulous Im really in love with this polish when I saw scrangie's swatches on has a holo glitters that really makes this polish fabulous!! Thats it for today!!

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!
polishes used:
massini slamming red
A no name China black/gray polish with holo glitters
aics #4 polish
massini slamming red
under artificial light
here are the polishes that I had with me on my baggage when I went home here in Manila... would u like to guess how many polishes are there on the track? I'll give u a clue it's more than a hundred... and I'm still waiting for bunches of my polishes on my cargo box to arrive..XD
my special polish for nail art stamping

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