I ♥ K.I.K.O.

Hi Ladies!! this is long over due post!! Sorry Maestra for the delay.. before I left Abu Dhabi I've got my very last packge and its from Maestra Parokeets this is the last part of our crazy swaps she send me lots of stuffs, shes sent me some fauxnad plates from chez-delaney, nail repair pads,essence polishes, s-he polishes, china glaze flying dragon, binchun polish which i love coz its pink!! I've got my very first essie & NYC polish and most of all she sent me a KIKO polish which I've been wanting so much..I love to have kiko polish for my hubby's nickname is KIKO... LOL!! and she's so sweet for she sent some candies & gummies for Lil cheska and a beautful personal made post card with her gorgeous picture for my Lil cheska... thank u so much Maestra!! my heart is jumping for joy!!
and after the polish pictorials I put them again in the bubble wrap and put them on my baggage, but before that I tried the KIKO 251 polish and made some KOTD... and here's what my KOTD using KIKO polish.. again thank u Maestra.. xoxo!!

thanks for looking!!
Happy polishing!!

polishes used:
kiko 251
china glaze millennium
image plates:
konad ip m17 & m18

kiko 251 is a bright pink with subtle blue shimmer
here's what Maestra sent me.. isn't she's sweet?

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