Sensitive Scalps

Hi girls, sorry for the lack of posting this week, I have been stupid busy, a little sick and overly tired, but seen as im just chilling now I thought I would do a quick post to tide you all over : )

Right, I dont know about you but when its cold outside, the oil balance in my scalp seems to some what shift and my scalp seems to flip into uber sensitive mode.

At the moment im using head and shoulders for sensitive scalps, it seems to be the only shampoo that doesnt irritate my scalp at the moment. It contains almond oil to keep everything nicely nourished, and it leaves my hair really soft.

I recently watched a video that I thought might help those of you that have the same problem in the colder months. The video shows you how you should wash your hair and also shows you how to do a cute Mary- Kate, Ashley Olsen toussled wave style.

Watch and enjoy...

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