Hello Lovelies.. I've been so very busy this past few weeks and so I have no enough time to make a post.. A few weeks ago I had talked to my very dear friend Grace and she told me that his brother has a nail art store around the metro and so I visited the nail art shop.. and the store is so pretty.. I love the pretty pink color of it which its so girly and it reminds of the Etude House store here in Manila... here are some pics & items I purchased on JUST NAIL art store.. the store offer a nail art using decals, freehand, digital nail art machine, u can find a lot of nail art stuffs like nail art brush, stickers, 3D mold, image plates, stamping nail art kit, pre- cut water decals, etc. they also have different polishes like, scented polish, crack polish, matte, dull polish, special polish for nail art stamping.. if u are here in the metro try to visit the nail art store.. I'm sure U will love to see & purchase some nail art stuffs.. and U can ask Roland ( the owner)  everything about his products and he will answer u with a smile... u can also check his online shop just click here "JUST NAIL"

and heres the U & A crackling polish

indoor shot

i love how this cracks on my nails..

"BK scented polish"  it has a rose scent

 BK scented polish swatch 

  U&A crack polish & BK matte polish

U&A crack polish

 U&A crack polish, Bk scented polishes

BK matte polish

U&A Dull Polish

"dull polish" the photos doesn't really show the true finish of this polish its a semi matte polish with micro pigment on it.. it is nice with or without top coat.. 

here's a holo polish that Roland gave me, a sample of  this polish from his distributor, 
its not yet out in the market
this polish reminds me of OPI DS Vintage..
I really like how HOlo this polish is and it stays on my nails for a week.. XD

thats all for today.. happy polishing!!

this color is really nice in summer...

I bought all the products by my own money, the seller just gave me some freebies for me to make a review of the item...  I did not accept any cash form to make a review on this products.everything I said about the products are base of my own opinion after I tested the products. .. pls. check my disclosure policy.

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