Everyone Loves an Irish Girl!

 (The pictures show my thumb nail, the first one was before I added the greet dots, and the second one is the completed design for every nail except the ring finger)

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and I got in the mood early for some green. So I got an early set of St. Patty's Day nails done. I started with a french tip on my own nail and that alone is just too plain for me now so I had to keep going. I started with one green stripe on each nail and ended with this. I am an Irish girl and this proudly displays my background. I am really happy with the way it looks and I love all the green colors. I did the Irish flag on the ring finger just for a little variety. SO what do you think? Any fellow Irish people who enjoyed this design? I hope so! Even those who aren't Irish can still enjoy this cute design! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and please leave and comments or questions below. Thanks again!

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