First Attempt at Freehand Disney Characters- Walt Would be disappointed, lol

 So I had tried to do a few Disney characters, considering their popularity and that I am around 4 kids daily, this seemed like a cute option. As you can see, some came ok, while others....not so much.
 This is Mike, from Monsters Inc. I think he came out pretty good, but he is also pretty easy. An odd looking green circle with stick-like green arms and legs. Add a white dot in the middle for his eye, blue dot inside that. I used black and made a crescent moon type shape in black as his mouth. I added a few white teeth, spaced apart and Mike was done! Like I said, pretty easy.
 Minnie was a bit more difficult but I think she came out pretty good too. I started with the black shapes for her head, neck and ears. Minnie took more time because she had to be done in stages. I had to wait for certain polishes to dry because her design requires layers. Once the black dried, I used a natural or beige type color for her face. I used a hot pink to draw out her dress and ow. I added white to her dress and little black to the bow.
 I used white to make eyeballs and black for the inside of the eyes. I also used black for her nose and outline of her mouth. Then I used red to make a little tongue and added a light pink to the rest of the inside of her mouth. I added a few pink star-like shapes, one above her head and off to the side of the nail. Came out ok, not wonderful but not terrible.
 These two I was not so happy with, the Winnie the Pooh characters. Pooh looks terrible! I think I got his shape wrong and I messed his face up big time. I went in a tried to fix his mouth and ended up with a bigger disaster.

 I think that this shows potential....meaning that with more practice, I might be able to eventually do it better, lol. This is just not anything like I was envisioning so I am disappointed with it.

I am not as mad about piglet. I think there is definitely room for improvement but I also think he looks pretty decent. This is actually a likeness and even kind of looks like piglet. I will not describe how I created Pooh or Piglet because of their quality. Once I can get the design down better and have a nicer one for you guys to enjoy or replicate, I will post it with a tutorial. So between all other designs, and other aspects of life, I will try to work on better versions of these and other characters! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and please feel free to comment or respond!

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