Rice Bran Bag Face cleansing!!!

if you are on my facebook page,
you might know already...

but I have been using this Rice bran bag Face cleansing stuff from Japan.



My aunt gave one for me because I told her that climate here in BC, Canada is so dry that I have had so much dry skin on my face.
then, she suggested me this Nukabukuro to me because she and her daughters use it and they have really moisturized soft skin.

this is a cotton bag full of Fine milled rice bran.
it actually smells like baby powder too!

So, every night, you soak this bag and gently massage your face with this bag.
and then rinse with water.

It feels so soft.

It is not sticky but it has creamy feel to it.

After one use,
I noticed my skin was very moist already.

It is all natural so I haven't got any break out either.
It is very gentle but leaves your skin so soft and fine.

My face feels better and skin looks brighter :)

I was so impressed with this rice power!!!! :) :) :)
Appearently women have been using this for a long time in Japan since ancient age.
what a smart idea!!


I dont know if we can get this anywhere in the world.
but I read that you could make it by yourself.

just rice water is good for you too.

(You wash your rice in water and that rice water is so good for your skin if you wash your face with it!)

Worth a try! ;)

have a great one guys!


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