REVIEW: Nice Red Lipstick Find !!

I have been trying to upload a YT video since last night
but Youtube is not letting me upload.... 'error' comes up everytime..

So I decided to make a different blog post today :)


I found my favorite line of lipsticks!!!

They are called


I got them from a beauty distributer in my town,
so I don't think it is a regular public makeup company.
It does not have any company logo but when I was researching online,
and I found out that the brand is called


I usually go there to get nail supplies for my job,
but sometimes, I walk around to see the hair and makeup sections as well.

Many makeup products there are good quality and a bit pricy,
so I wasn't going to get pallete or foundation or anything because they are professional line and I dont know how to use them.

But I thought I could use a lipstick!! :)

I picked up a couple of different colours.

One of them was this RED LIPSTICK!!

The name is Torch

It is a very pretty coral red colour.

It is bright but not dark, so it is a very sexy pretty colour.
I would say it is perfect for Pin Up girl look.

Here is what it looks like.

and the swatch is here.

I am wearing this lipstick because I just finished a dress rehearsal for my dance show.
I'm wearing crazy makeup with big winged eyeliners and a lot of blush and red lipstick.

Everyone thought this shade of lipstick was cute, so I wanted to share.

This definately stands out on the stage because it is very bright.
but it has a youth feel to it:)
Plus, the colour goes on sooooo smooth and it is super pigmented. You need one or two coats and they look perfect!!!

I love it so much that I might wear it for a normal use too.


I have another reason why I LoVE this lipstick besides the pigmentation!

It is so MOIST!!!

I was like WOW! My lips feel soooooo soft right now.
I didn't even use a chapstick today!

Even though it is moisturizing, it is not too sticky so it stays well.

I actually was dancing and being busy backstage all morning and I did not have to re-do my lipstick even once...!!!!

that's amazing!

I hope you found this review helpful!

I found a website that sells Borghese High Impact lipsticks, (I didn't get them from there because I found them at a local supplier)
so go check it out!!

I REALLY recommend them :)

Thanks for reading <3


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