This client of mine is amazing. She is so creative and thinks of designs that I would never come up with! I absolutely love it. I feel like the best nail designs are always a collaboration. There is a lot going on here, the nails are acrylic with little glitter moons in them. The design on top is done with gel paint.

This is another gel paint design. I learned this technique at the ibs las vegas show. I love it because it is very easy to do but it looks so cool!

These are actually my nails. I had my amazing nail tech do them and then I added the gel paint design on the ring fingers. Hey I have to have a little fun too!

These nails have some little "keys" on them. I didn't have a plan just kind of went for it.

These are acrylic nails. I layered two colors gunmetal and purple pizazz from I added a real dried flower on the ring finger.

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