Im bak yay and some eyeko stuff

Please note:When ordering from eyeko enter ambassador code E6852 for a free gift

So hurrah,the internet is working again,but how long for is another thing,Thank god,i cant tell you how angry i was getting,not being able to blog,grrr

So anyway,you dont want to hear that,so onto the good stuff....

Eyeko sent me a few bits to test out,so so kind of them,I cant get a good pic of the varnishes they sent me as the flash on my camera is way to bright,and when I turn it off you cant see the colours at all,but heres the link so you can have a proper look click

So heres what they sent ........

Three polishes and the 3 in one feel the glow cream,The polishes are in shades pretty polish,vamp polish and pastel polish,Here is what vamp polish looks like on.......

The picture doesnt really do it justice,Its a lovely blue black colour,So if you dont like black nail polish or you think its too harsh,this would be the way to go.

I havnt had the chance to try the other two colours yet as im still waiting for this one to chip,But im totally loving the fact its been a few days now and it hasnt.

The cream is called,wow feel the glow,and its a 3 in 1 highlighter,eye cream and moisturiser
I have only used this a few times so I cant start going mad about it,But it is a nice cream,its really nice to highlight and use under foundation for a dewy radiant look.
It says on the box its infused with skin perfecting light reflectors and antioxidant vitamins A & E & Vitamin C for a radiant complexion,It definitely does give you radiance......

Check out there site,its free shipping on everything and the prices are great EYEKO

: )

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