E.L.F small Haul

So I was sent three things from e.l.f to have a play around with...

The studio golden bronzer,The mineral booster and a mineral lip colour in royal red

So to start off with the bronzer,I love it,its such a nice colour,its so sheer but adds an illuminous warmth to the skin,Only thing is,i touched it to swatch it for you guys and the bloody thing cracked,its now got a massive hole in it.....

It then became apparent to me that the powder didnt go all the way through the tin,it was just a thin layer,with a space underneath,i think that if they were only going to provide a thin layer of product they should actually set it at the bottom ot the case,to avoid crackin,But aside from that little misshap,its a lovely bronzer,i would defo order another-click to get yours

The second one was the mineral booster loose powder with' vitamins A, B and E to promote healthier skin that’s noticeably silkier and smoother'

I have been using this for a few days now,and im not sure I can fault it,All you do is tap a little out,swirl your brush in it,then swirl it all over your face,to set your makeup,or you can also wear it alone,I sometimes have a problem with makeup sliding off my face when im hot so this definately helps,it also made my skin feel silky after applying it,Theres no need for expense when this works and only costs £3.50-Click here to get yours

And lastly it seems like,lipsticks are like buses to me,I never use them,then two come along at once....

The last product is a mineral lipstick in royal red,It also costs £3.50,The only downfall i would say is that the lipstick is slightly darker than the swatch on the site,but other than that its good lipstick,it goes on smoothely and the pigment is great,Its 100% mineral and leaves lips feeling soft,it actually didnt feel like I had anything on after I had applied it.And the colour stayed put for ages,I would recomend these lipsticks if you were looking for shades to suit you,as their so cheap but they deliver-click here to get yours

Feel free to ask me anythhing,I may of left out

Have you used any of these products yet? if you have,how did you get on?

: )

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