Hi everyone.. I just like to share a link where I found some new cool image plates that u might interested to have.. the designs of the image plate are all customized by SHIRLEY.. I love all the design for it look so much fun.. and according to Shirley the image plate size is just the same with the A series but its a little bit less deep.. so the image will come out in a good quality.. Oh I'm really hoping that the designs are better engrave and the details of the image really shows.. well, I'm really looking forward on this Series of image plates and cant wait to have them.. what do u think about this new series of image plates? which image plates u like most? As what Shirley told me she will release this new series of image plate very very soon so always check her site for updates..(click here for the link)
 thats all for today!! thanks for looking!! happy polishing everyone!!

here are some of the designs that she will be releasing very very soon..
check out Shirley's site to the complete photo designs  of series she will be releasing
and of course, she ship her items international! XD

 wow.. a full image of hello kitty Ü
 love those cute mickey
 poo & betty boob are really cute
 love those full design of hearts
 playboy full pattern looks so HOT!
 I love this image plate.. my lil cheska would love this for it has tinkerbell..
 love the full nail designs
 love this plate.. 

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