Flirt And Flutter...

Lets face it, the day couples love to love and singles love to hate is just around the corner. Theres no escaping hearts and flowers in every shop window, and that one annoying friend that talks about nothing else but the day in question.

If your one of those that are already planning your hair and make up from now (insert shocked face) then ARTDECO's irresistible beauty buys, loved by celebs may be just up your street.

Let me firstly kick off with the product I'm loving the most out of the 3. The 3 in 1 mascara (rrp £13.25) has to be one of the best mascaras I have used in a long time, my lashes have never looked so long.- celeb fan Michelle Keegan

What they say:
For even more volume and styling with long lasting colour. The new brush with fibres of different thickness and length fully adapts to the lashes to create a perfect styling. The high quality mascara wraps your lashes from base to tip, which result in longer looking, flexible and voluminous lashes. Fragrance free.

What I say:
To sum it up in a nutshell. They didn't lie, the mascara does exactly that, as you can see from the first picture, absolutely love it.

Next up, lip passion smooth touch lipstick (rrp £16.50) in shade 35 passion. Michelle Keegan is a fan of this too, and they can add another Michelle (me) to the list. This lipstick is like lip balm. It literally melts on your lips leaving them so soft. The application is lovely, it just glides on. This is also fragrance free and contains vitamin E and Shea butter.

Last but not least the Ceramic nail Lacquer (rrp £10.25) in spicy red. Although Holly Willoughby is a fan, I wasn't really a fan of this myself. The polish was a nice consistency and easy to apply but I love my colours to be opaque and this was not. The above picture was taken after 3 coats and I could still see my nails through it. So in all I Love the colour and the application, hate the fact its not opaque.

I had never tried ARTDECO products before now and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. I will definitely be looking at their lipstick range and investing in another mascara when this one runs out.

ARTDECO products are available from Fenwick Brent cross, Hoopers department stores Nationwide and HERE

Let me know if any of you have tried anything from this range....

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