Dotted Hearts for Valentine's Day Nails

 Anther Valentine's Day design. There is really so many possibilities for Valentine's Day. I tend to use the colors most associated with the day, such as different reds, pinks and whites. But a variety of other colors works too. Designs like this just scream Valentine's Day to me because the colors and hearts together remind me of the day. I started by painting my tips, as shown in the above and below pictures. I did opposites. I painted my thumb, middle and pinkie fingers on my left hand with white tips and did red tips for the pointer and ring fingers. On the right hand, I did the opposite, so my thumb, middle and pinkie are red tips and my pointer and ring fingers are white tips.
The White I used was- China Glaze- White Out
The Red Polish I used was- China Glaze- Bing Cherry
 The picture above is my left hand, I am a righty, so I did my left first and it usually comes out better. I drew on hearts using a dotting tool. I drew red hearts on the white tips and white hearts on the red tips. I used the same colors I used for the tips.

 Then I used my dotting tool and made four little dots with the same red polish curving away from the heart, as shown in the picture below.
 I did the same with the white polish, and added dots to every heart.

 Here is a closer shot of my left hand, showing both the red tip and white tips.

 The picture above shows the total design and the picture below is my right hand. Not as clean or as good. I am still practicing to get better with my left hand but matches enough.

Hope you Like these nails! I think they are very simple, elegant, and pretty. They are for more than Valentine's Day but perfect for it too. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment or try this design yourself!

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