Last week I went to the new Harry Potter movie with a friend and I made her an appropriate manicure. Ah well, I know that Quidditch isn't played at all in the seventh movie, but I really liked the idea and wanted to make it.

The gorgeous blue sky is What's With The Cattitude from OPI, with sponged clouds. With a nail art pen I painted two players on broomsticks (one from Griffyndor (Harry!) and one from Slytherin, as you can see from the colours of their capes) and the six hooped goal posts (three on each side). The balls are done with a dotting tool: the red Quaffle and the two black Bludgers (one of which is chasing Harry), and did you already notice the Golden Snitch? The player from Slytherin is just flying away from it... Haha.

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