Japanese Nail Art Designs

Every individuals desire to be different and to stand out in a crowd is the underlying motivation for new age art forms like the Japanese nail art designs. More and more people from different age groups are locking in to the new 'Nail Art' which seems to have originated from Japan. Manicure salons across the country are waking up to this need and are upgrading their service by offering nail art in their salons. The use of nail chips has become common and nowadays, people are going in for acrylic and Japanese nail art designs on their chips, to make a few heads turn.

The nail artists use hand painting techniques on your nails or on acrylic nail chips to create beautiful designs. Some artists also use air brushing techniques to create a two dimensional image which seems to jump off the nails. The use of accessories is also common and artist using glitter and glow in the dark beads to decorate the clients nail are becoming popular.

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