Bargains All Round

Hey ladies so sorry I have been MIA for the past few days, I have had a rather crazy weekend. But fear not I'm back with a post, and its a little random at that. Today I thought Id share with you a couple of things I'm loving from two ends of the spectrum.... Fashion and Beauty

First up we have Superdrugs Vitamin E creams, One for the day and one for the night. At £2.99 I cant stress enough what a worthwhile bargain these creams are. They keep my skin looking radiant, feeling soft and constantly hydrated. Neither of them are greasy, The night cream isn't too heavy and it leaves your skin feeling baby bum soft. The day cream soaks into the skin nicely leaving you the perfects canvas to apply your make up, It also has the added bonus of SPF 15.

I also have very sensitive skin, so I'm wary as to what touches it. I haven't had a single issue with these. I definitely think you should try these for a couple weeks next time your moisturiser runs out.

Next up..... The Aviator

I have wanted one on these for ever. With the one I had my eye on costing a whopping £150 I controlled myself knowing that one day I would find one that looked just like it.

And Primark does it again!! as soon as I saw this I had to double take, just to make sure I was actually in the right shop.

They payed attention to every single detail, from the buckles to the zips. The best thing is that it looks exactly the same as the £150 one I was eyeing up, but of course its not leather.

I think you all will agree it was a steal at £25 !!! although I do remember the days when a jacket in Primark cost no more than £15, where are they going with their prices nowadays *ROLLS EYES*

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