3 For 2

Superdrug are currently holding 3 for 2 mix 'n' match across all cosmetics, and there's no rush getting down there either as this marvelous deal ends in January.

I picked up the 2 Sleek blushes I was lusting after: Sunrise (L) and Rose Gold. At first I couldn't find them, and I felt a slight tantrum building up inside of me when the S.A told me they didn't stock them anymore "SAY WHAAAT" but just before I was ready to roll my eyes and start moaning to my friend, she told me she may have a couple stashed away in the draw, and she did woohoo!!

I also randomly discovered this beauty by Sue Moxley. It was said to be a bronzer so of course I was like "This isn't a bronzer!!" *swatch* and it definitely isn't. But it is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen.

It looks a lot like something that could have come from mac, its dome shaped, finely milled and the powder itself is super soft. The packaging is really nice and it has a massive mirror in the lid, as well as a brush to apply, which is a bit 'meh' to be honest.

I have been applying this with my duo fibre brush to set my foundation, and its lovely. It gives a beautiful soft focus sheen to the skin without making you look white and dusty.

Swatches above from Left to Right: Sleek Sunrise, Sue Moxley-Miami and Sleek Rose Gold

I love all of these and would happily buy them again, especially Rose Gold, its so gorgeous.

Sleek Blushes - £3.99
Sue Moxley Miami - £6

Have any of you taken advantage of the 3 or 2? I think I want to try the Loreal Voluminous Mascara so I will definitely be going back......

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