My Nail Polish Collection PART #1: Whites, Golds and Yellows

Hey guys,
as I promised I'm going to show you my nail polish collection! Today I'm showing you part #1, my whites, golds and yellows. I'm gonna put the finish of the nail polishes in brackets behind them (sh = shimmer, m = matte, c = creme, and so on) and also if they were limited edition [le] or are discontiued [dc]

So here we go:
1 u.m.a. - goldfinger [sh/g]
2 Astor mikado - nr. 13 [sh] [dc]
3 RdL quick dry nail color - 41 [sheer]
4 RdL pink french manicure - 31 [sheer]
5 Essence color and go - ?? [g]
6 no name nail color from a kit [g]
7 Essence tip painter - white [c]
8 Essence cute as hell nail polish - 01 naughty but nice [le] [c]
9 Nivea color mini - 59 yellow sparkle [sh]
10 Essence color and go - 23 sundancer [c]
11 Essence nail art freestyle and tip painter - 02 flower power [sh] (sorry for not having this on the main picture, I took the picture before I got this nail polish)

I hope you liked this post and I'll blog to you guys later!!

Disclaimer: Nothing was sent to me for free and I'm not payed by anyone.

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