Haul - MAC To The Beach Collection

I know this is a little late now but I thought I would post what I hauled from the latest MAC collection.

I got:

- "Marine Life" High-Light Powder
- "Hipness" Blush
- "Scorcher" Nail Laquer
- "Golden" Bronzer
- "Easy Lounger" Lipglass
- "Splashing" Lipglass
- "Lazy Day" Lipstick
- "Thrills" Lipstick
- "Funbathing" Lipstick
- "Firecracker" Eyeshadow
- "Sweet & Punchy" Eyeshadow

I haven't had much of a chance to try anything out yet but I'm very happy that I managed to get everything I wanted.

On that note, I have a little story about this haul. Ok, I think that I must have been one of the first people in Canada to order from this collection online. Seriously. I had worked an overnight shift the night before meaning that my shift ended at 6:00am. So, I decided to stay up and wait for the collection to be posted so that I could place my order before going to bed. I was getting a little antsy waiting so I was not only refreshing the MAC homepage, I was also periodically typing in product names into the search bar to see if they had been added. After a few attempts, the products started to show up and I had my entire order placed before the homepage was updated and even before product pictures were uploaded! I know it makes me look insane but at least I managed to get Marine Life before it sold out later that day when I might have still been in bed!

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