Fauxnadicure with Etude House #42

Hi Ladies.. Just a very quick post.. I've been very busy this week for my Cheska has started to go to School.. let me share to u my past Fauxnadicure using the Etude house polish #42... I'm loving Etude house polish for some of the color polish is can be use for stamping and the polish is very opaque for 2 coats and no application issue at all...here's my past Fauxnadicure and I like to share it with u guys...

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!
Etude House Dear Darling Nails #42
a dark blue with blue & silver micro shimmer
drying time:
Can use for stamping/konading:

I've came across and read this article on how to store a nail polish (CLICK HERE) I want ur opnion about this.. does putting a nail polish on a fridge will keep ur nail polish last longer? How old is ur Oldest nail polish bottle?

Here's my 16 yrs. old nail polish bottle this is my very first nail polish this was given to me when I was in grade school bought by my Aunt is US...sorry I forgot whats the Revlon polish name, I dont have this polish with me anymore, I left this polish here in Manila when I went to Abu Dhabi.. and my Mom told me that she throw all my dried polishes that I left here on my stuffs..I haven't try to put this polish in a fridge I just stored this in a COOL & DRY place... this photo is taken March 31, 2009

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