Xen Tan Dark Lotion

I was recently sent a bottle of the Xen Tan dark tanning lotion.This was great because I have been wanting to try this for so long,but never took the plunge.....

So onto the fun bit.On the Xen Tan site it says that you can either apply a thin coat for a golden colour,or a couple of thick coats for a deep tan.Of course I decided to apply a thin coat first,just to be on the safe side.I must admit I was kind of scared when I first pumped out the lotion.

This is me the next day.....

In reality I was a bit darker than this,but the lighting in my room kept making me look pale.If you look at my neck/chest area,you can get a better idea of the colour.

I applied the tanner to my body using circular motions.I just used my hands and washed them after,as im not used to using tanning mitts.I was sent a tanning mitt to apply the lotion,which I forgot to add in the photos,but im sure you have all seen it around anyway.

You can apply this tanner to your face which is a bonus.It didn't sit in my pores and because I was smart and applied it when we had a few days of warm weather,people kept telling me I had a really nice tan.haha

Since the photo above was taken,I have re applied about four times.I am such a nice deep colour,but there is nobody around to take a full length photo of me : ( so when I eventually get one,I will do another post.

I nearly forgot to say that it doesn't smell of the usual fake tan stink.This one smells like marzipan.I didn't even smell weird when I woke up the next day.

I honestly have to say I love this tanner.The colour makes my eyes pop,and no matter how much I applied I didnt look orange or streaky.Most importantly I wasn't left looking like a patchwork quilt when began to fade.

I will definitely be ordering a new bottle when this one runs out. RRP £25

Have any of you tried this.What do you think?

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