Sweetest EviL AngeL

Hi Ladies!! I still have a hang over from the package that Andrea send for me..I got her package 2 days ago, She's really good in surprising people..waaaaaaaaaa!! I got most of my polish lemming...weeeeeeeeeee!! thank u so much Andrea!! Let me share to u what Andrea send me and mani that I made...

From all the goodies that she send me I tried the claire's mood polish daring/innocent this is my very first grey color polish and I got some doubt if this color will suit on my skin tone and I am surprised coz I think this color is fabulous for my skin tone!! and what then I put the awesome striping tape she send me!! it's my first time to see this kind of striping tape with a pattern and I am so amazed and I love it so much..Again.. THANK U SO MUCH ANDREA!! U'RE THE SWEETEST EVIL ANGEL.. XOXO!!

thanks for looking!!
happy polishing!!

claires daring/innocent

here's the goodies...I got my glow in the dark polish!! wooooooott!! woooooott! most of the china glaze polish are holos (gr8, fyi, LOL) and from Romantique collection (harmony, passion, adore) which they said it's good for konading, I got also some color club babies (fashion addict, Ms. Socialite, rule breaker),I got some nail foils, stripping tape, nail decals and one thing is freaking me out!! I GOT A blue flakies that's good for franken!! weeeeeee!! Andrea, also send me 2 mood polish...My heart is filled with happiness every time I opened her package and found some surprising stuffs!! Like, Chg Flying Dragon, Metallic muse, also I got my very first Creative polish Burgundy foil which is also good in konading and of course my LiL Cheska is also happy for she have some lollipops,
more goodies of Evil Angel
China glaze Angels
color club babies

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