Minnie Londoner Style

Ring by Little monarch jewellery

Ok so some of you may be thinking,whos that girl.Let me introduce you to my smexy friend kaz.

Soon to be appearing on the Hollyoaks music show (22nd may) to be exact,under the alias Minnie Londoner,she is already set to be the next big thing.So with my kind self I thought id give you a heads up on her Real style secrets.

To define this lady in one word would be hard.Her style is her own,its kind of like a twister ice lolly,a bit of modern and vintage all meshed into one with an added centre of coolness.

Shopping in places like Brick Lane,Primani,H& M and whatever else takes her fancy,her style is chic yet affordable.

Seen here with Abi(whos poking her in the eye lol) and fellow band mate Jimmy.
Aztec print dress: £4.99 H&M
Jacket Zara

Lipstick Rimmel:Signature Red
Foundation: Loreal True Match

Never seen without her perfectly drawn signature liquid eye-liner,and I mean never lol,and her neutral bronze eye shadow,that basically sums up the look.Lip colours may vary haha!

Make sure you all watch her performance.It will be aired Saturday the 22nd on Channel 4 at 12.30pm,Shes singing in Relish lol.Its one hell of a catchy tune,so make sure you vote vote vote!
Look,its Reiss Ashworth,lol

I will post her site links up when construction is finished,until then,you can follow her on twitter HERE or follow her journey HERE and listen to her shiznit HERE

And because I know shes reading this...... Im pi**ed I couldn't make it yesterday,but im glad your dreams are finally coming true.Love you chic.x

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