New discovery,well kinda...

At the moment im pretty ill,hence the lack of postings,But whilst sprawled out in front of the tv with one of my cold sweats (mmm nice) I saw an ad for a new beauty site

This site sells a wide range of beauty products with free delivery,whoopie

As soon as I saw it I thought Id better jump on blogger,so I did,and the bloody internet werent working grrr

So now iv forgotten the name of the site : ( I really should have written it down but in the state I was in,I decided to lie to myself and act like Id still remember in a few days,yh right

But anyhoo,the nets back on now,and ive been trawling the internet and typing in google whatever words i could remember from the ad.I think I found it people

feel They sell everything beauty,tanning,makeup,nails,body and bath,it just goes on.

And to top it off, everything is actually a few £s cheaper

I really do hope im right,Maybe one of you saw the same advert and you can just confirm it for me


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